04/07/2021 A Great Day in GMF's CLUBHOUSE history!! [BOMANIX & MORE]


Who would believe that in the midst of a lock-down and global pandemic, I'd feel so saturated with good moments throughout my days...well let's get right into this story explaining my interactions with Bomani, BitClout Creators, Ape Pit, BitCloutCommunity/GoodBits.

My morning started with a Jam session on Clubhouse with one of the founders/creators of the Clubhouse app, Bomani X.

Imagine, this dude was just outside with the birds and his guitar and almost broke CLUBHOUSE…

The stage was saturated with creatives and he allowed us all to jam out with him…and EVERYONE on stage was a moderator

A speaker on stage requested someone sing “What A Wonderful World” but it was immediately thrown back to the requester to sing the song himself..He admitted that he wasn’t a singer and would be best if someone else sung it..but the room insisted..

He slowly but surely began, I actually un-mic’d and started singing the first line with him as encouragement..but nobody really needs to know that lol

From there as he sang each line, the stage, unmic'd one by one and began singing as a chorus at a campfire with him…it was cool and felt like a kumbaya moment.

But we still hadn’t reached that eureka euphoric destination, which I had no idea was even coming. I was still chillin.

Bomani kept playing and out of nowhere this familiar voice started reciting a spoken word piece over the guitar strums.

I PTR’d and scrolled to see it was an industry friend of mine Dominique Grant. We’ve shared stages before in real life many years ago, at open mic shows in Toronto…but this was my first time reacquainting myself with her on a CLUBHOUSE stage since those days past.

I was so inspired I had to reconnect right there on the stage and followed up by singing “Love” by Musiq Soulchild to keep the expressive vibes flowing.

Obviously Bomani was just playing whatever riffs were in his spirit so I just decided to interpolate the melody to match his progressions…which was fun. I made it through the verse and hook..

Which sparked another speaker to keep singing from there with the 2nd verse…BOOM.

The stage just became a band..and the singers let LOOSE..FINALLY!!

Singer after singer kept adding to this live collab, and this was no corny KUMBAYA anymore.

The riffs, the trills, the vibrato, the rasp, the grit, the SOUL..with each additional participant the timbre of the performance grew 10x from my humble opinion.

Then Silvio another speaker on stage, started layering our vocal orchestra with his beautiful improvised sax solo..

At one point another moderator and even Bomani himself had to request some order to the beautiful chaos so that all creatives would have their chance to be heard directly; which in itself shows the passion towards expression the room was creating.

It was beyond beautiful, especially when I haven’t jammed out in my personal real life in such a long time…even prior to this COVID pandemic.

From there I went to cool down with my fellow 'Clout Lords' in the APEPIT run by Nick G. I appreciate how Nick brings a fun and enjoyable focus to investing on the platform..We all know the risk we take so might as well have fun with the process. ApePit does just that for me.

My new friend/colleague Luca(ReadyPlayerOne) launched his first room ever on Clubhouse and I helped him to moderate, #BitCloutCreators, which will be partnering with BitCloutCreatives. The room was focused on getting verification on Bitclout and the session was quite informative especially for content creators.

Now for the finale of my night…

The GoodBits…hosted in the BitClout Community Clubhouse

We hosted our first Clubhouse open mic and it was a flawless victory.

on stage live in clubhouse
The GoodBits: Open Mic Night + NFT Showcase

Before I say anything else, I have to tell you all that the level of talent in the BitClout Community is next level.

I had the chance to sit back and enjoy poems, raps, a meditation session, beats from hiphop to EDM. GodCloud(GodCloudt) performed and then a relaxing collaborative musical/sonic performance and reprise with my fellow #GoodBits hosts Falsa Music and DOZ, who MC’d the entire affair with grace, love and vibes!!

It was so cool cause we made it mandatory for everyone on stage to PTR an 8-bit pixel artworks..which gave the stage an oldschool digital vibe. S/O Rodney & Thor who co-hosted with us. BitClout500 who co-performed with myself, Falsa + DOZ, and Soo, who consistently supports the community.

BitClout Community…we just getting started

This day will go down in my Clubhouse life history. 🙌🏾😀🙌🏾😀

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