BITCLOUT COMMUNITY - Concert Tonight!!

I have had the pleasure to moderate many rooms over my time on the Clubhouse app. BitClout Community has been one that has a dope authentic energy towards supporting the Bitclout music world.

Founded by Michael Joseph , the BitClout Community has been creating many waves in the BitClout & Crypto world. His rooms are frequented by industry celebs.

I was actually present when the amazing voice Mike Posner graced us on a Clubhouse call...which gave us heads up to his BitClout platform on-boarding. He shared his story of crossing America on foot, and a LIVE performance with guitar.

These are the kinds of treats the BitClout Community have come accustom to experiencing, and luckily tonight there will be a CLUBHOUSE CONCERT...featuring Mike Posner & InQ

And for those who missed the first performance...Tonight is not the occasion to miss.

Time: 7pm PST (10pm EST)

You can follow their Clubhouse HERE.

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