#CloutFactor - An Official Success!!

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Yesterday, I was blessed to witness and be a part of Clubhouse’s first ever “Clout Factor” which is a game show that combines the idea of “X Factor” a performance/talent based competition show, and Shark Tank, which is an Idea/Pitch based competition show; combined with the new progressive blockchain technology & platform Bitclout.com.

Over the last couple weeks Bitclout.com has evolved and embraced the influencer community. The platform is past the first wave of mass on-boarding which seemed to mainly attract the tech investor and developer communities. Now with this new augment in energy brings with it an evolution of the growing “GIFT” economy cultures fathered by "tech prodigy", Raj Lahoti. The founder of GiftClout.com

The gifting culture has become the robin-hood thinking which rivals the investment/speculation market which is the main culture of Bitclout.com and the ultimate point of controversy for the platform. I witnessed Raj gift many new on-boarders and jolt their BitClout experience, as well as Myself, and Lauren Aparicio the creator and host of Clout Factor.

Lauren was the founder of ClitClout and member of the clouted “Spice Clouts”, when she spawned her new show which has become a major chess move for the gifting and investor communities involvement. I witnessed when Raj gifted Lauren as she got to the platform, from there we've seen the evolution of that love, with CloutFactor, her new show.

I myself took advantage of her public offer and invested in Clout Factor as a show judge/investor and OG investor in the show’s concept. GMF & Bitclout Creatives is in solidarity with this show and the energy has been great so far.

Now back to yesterday. The pre-show started with Falsa Music playing his unique style, ushering in the audience with his ancestral south asian vibes. Shaman Derick soon after joined and led the audience into a sporadic yet well placed full-length spiritual regeneration exercise, which I took full advantage of as well.

The show promptly started right after with the ClitClout’s intro voiced by ConiCiclon, the un-official VOICE of BITCLOUT according to the streets ;)

From there Lauren with Thor, introduced the show, judges and investors and got the night going.

We had our first 3 contestants of Round 1 of 3.

Which yielded gifts and investments in all 3 contestants from various investors and judges.

Round two sparked a bidding war between our judge Michael Joseph and audience member Mitchell when contestant, Yasmin B, wowed the stage with her humble pitch as an emerging visual creative artist and photographer in the bitclout space.

I will say for the 3 rounds I was pleasantly surprised with the level of talent and pitch sells in the community. Though it only makes sense as Bitclout in conjunction with Clubhouse seems to be attracting the most talented minds on the net.

Afterwards we voted and Coniciclon won the first episode of Clout Factor. She has been featured HERE at BitcloutCreatives already.

I look forward to flexing my writing muscles along with the rest of my BitcloutCreatives.com Team as we gift the winners of Clout Factor with promoted reviews unto our site.

Let’s give a huge bitclout creatives CHEER to Lauren and the squad: @rickwall @thortorrens @falsamusic @shamandurek @yellowredsparks @gmf @krassenstein @readyplayerone @kelieghmccall @michaeljoseph

And lastly, make sure to follow Clout Factor on Bitclout and Clubhouse.

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