Crypto Macumba - Brazilian Crypto Witch-CRAFT!!??

Today we have a piece by Crypto Macumba. I am not sure if this piece was crafted by Crypto Macumba themselves, purchased, gifted or are family heirlooms, but let's speak on the name, Macumba.

Macumba (Portuguese pronunciation: [maˈkũᵐbɐ]) is a syncretic religion practiced in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. It is sometimes considered by non-practitioners to be a form of witchcraft or black magic. Macumba was originally used to categorize all religions who practiced or believed in animistic-syncretism during the 1800s. In the 1900s Macumba became a slang term among Brazilians who aren’t affiliated with these religions. The religions that are referred to under the umbrella term Macumba are Candomblé, Giro, and Mesa Blanca. - Wikipedia

Now this is dope for me cause it gives credence to my position that all peoples world wide must give due respect to Indigenous Peoples and their mother cultures. Syncretic religions are a melange of ancient beliefs, rituals and practices from various cultures practiced as a singular religion...ANIMISM parallels many other ancient african tribal practices and shows us how the world has been one communal family this whole time.

The piece of focus is called "The Musician"..which to me perfectly visualizes the ideological point of Macumba. A religion that values all things uniquely as beings. The statue figure of a guitar playing winged creature, resembling a mosquito, caped in in a black outer, red inner cloak is just one of many interesting images the religion would speak to.


You can check out the rest of Crypto Macumba's collection HERE

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