The Squibbles

Written by: Viva LaBleue

“The Squibbles” are the brain child of UK based creator @JayStansfield, and are apart of an extensive meta-universe called “Squibblesville”. You can immerse yourself in this universe by purchasing colouring books, and more.

When I first went on “The Squibbles” website, I was enamoured by the bright colours and child friendly illustrations. As a parent, I can definitely get behind child friendly media.

Dig a little deeper though, and you find a little tongue-in-cheek humour; and the cynical millennial in me fell in love. I was immediately drawn into an illustration of a chicken roast dinner, with smiling drumsticks, peas and a relatable caption detailing how the meal was prepared and enjoyed. The whole scenario was heartwarming, relatable, macabre, bright and cheerful all at the same time.

Styled reminiscent of the popular animation series “Adventure World”; every fantastical character comes equipped with a little smile, regardless if they’re about to be eaten or smell. I especially appreciate the captions that come with certain illustrations.

Stansfield recently created a NFT collection of “Squibbles” art named “Tyger Pawz” for purchase on the OpenSea platform. The collection of 9 feline illustrations features the Squibbles signature bright colours, fantastical styling and relatable characters. My particular favourite is a bright fuchsia coloured to Tyger that somehow reminds me of a kind hearted, middle aged, stay-at-home dad equipped with a little tie and baking mitten motif socks.

The Squibbles looks and feels like the next step for consuming and enjoying children’s art and animation. I truly believe that its a great platform for introducing one’s tribe to digital art.

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